Soybean and Biodiesel Processing Plant

Noble Brasil SA (COFCO)

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  • Capacity: 4,000 t / day of soy processing
  • Location: Rondonópolis – MT
  • Built Area: 54,000 m²
  • Products manufactured: 800 t / day of degummed soybean oil, 3200 t / day of bran and 600 t / day of biodiesel
  1. Basic Project, Executive Project and Construction Management;
  2. Civil projects: infrastructure, architecture and concrete;
  3. Mechanical design: equipment and arrangements;
  4. Utility projects: piping, pipe rack, SPDA, SPCI, compressed air, steam generation, tank designs and interfaces;
  5. Electrical Projects: Substation of high, medium and low voltage, power distribution and lighting;
  6. Industrial Automation Projects;
  7. Construction, Installations and Assemblies Management


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